Saturday, July 12, 2014

Programming language rankings in year 2014

Organization IEEE has done very good job of gathering lot of data combining 12 metrics from 10 sources about popularity of different programming languages. They have taken data from git-hub and job advertisements etc. Rankings are weighted based on different viewpoints. You can take a look on these popularity charts from employee point of view or maybe from student perspective who wonders what programming language choose for more deeper investigation.

Programming language ranking top 2014.
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Top three are Java, C and C++ on almost all of ranking types. I am happy with these results although I have never coded in Java. But I know C and little bit of C++ and I am permanently trying to improve my knowledge in both of these programming languages. It is little bit strange that Visual Basic is on such a high place. That could probably be of lot of leagacy code or maybe there also is included Visual Basic for Applications. And old dinosaur Delphi is in relatively low position. I have warm memories to Delphi because I did my first real graphical interface application for Windows with this IDE during university.
More information about ranking you can read here at IEEE Spectrum site.

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