Monday, August 25, 2014

Batch file deletion in Windows using Forfiles command

Sometimes you may face situation when you have lot of files (several thousands) in some folder. It could happen because some program is creating them, logging something etc. When the files are really many than Windows explorer could hang-up and become really slow and even unresponsive. One of easy solutions is use special command through command prompt.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Datagrid object bug in Visual Basic 6.0 (SP6)

Noticed strange bug or some undesirable feature while developing application in Visual Basic 6.0 IDE.  I have static Data objects drag & dropped on Form. Objects are of type Adodc and Datagrid. Adodc properties (ConnectionString and RecordSource) are empty. I fill them during run time and then refresh in my code. Then comes this bug. Datagrid which is connected to adodc object already at design time, tries to delete leftmost upper data grid cell content. And if database field allows empty value, then this deletion really happens. And it all goes on even data grid properties are set not to allow updates, additions and deletions. DataGrid control and ADO Data Control both are updated to Service Pack 6. I tried several things and finally found a workaround.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Canon Pixma Pro 100 driver installation in complex LAN environment

Guys from Canon have not really figured out all steps that comes out when installing Canon Pixma Pro 100 for several computers in Wi-Fi environment. When installing driver for first time and device (printer) is not configured yet and is empty, it is normal than we need somehow to configure Wi-Fi settings in the printer. For this we use CD with software (or download from Canon site) and a USB cable. Installation is straightforward. You set-up first computer, than you can remove USB wire because it is not needed any more. And you can then print through Wi-Fi. Difficulties come in situation when there is NAT between computers and Wi-Fi and you want to add several more computers.