Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marketing toy: Talking hamster

Recently my family won electronic talking toy by buying instant coffee "Jacobs 3 in 1". Toy is a little funny but nothing sophisticated. It records load sounds around itself and after a moment plays them back. When playing sounds it is also bouncing its head up and down. It operates using 3 AAA size batteries.
Talking hamster
Unfortunately this toy was too loud for my little son. It scared him. I disassembled it and found that audio signal current is limited with series resistor in speaker circuit. Originally there is 3 ohm. Replaced it with 10 ohm. Probably this value could be even more bigger, because sound is still in medium level. But this was first available part I found so it is OK. In picture below green circle shows location of this resistor.

Inside of hamster  

Resistor helped with sound level, but other problem stays. Hamster moves its head too quickly anyway. I did not start to investigate this problem. It is a silly toy anyway. :)