Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Silabs Simplicity Studio issue

Recently this happened to me also:
Simplicity Studio stops in the middle of loading with message: Could not create the view: com/silabs/studio/interna/api/launcher/product/data/MCUDataManager.

Here is proven solution that resolves this problem:

  • Close any documents or debug sessions you have open.
  • Hit Ctrl-3 ("Quick Access") and type "Check for Updates".  Select that Command entry and double-click or press Enter.
  • The "Available Updates" dialog should appear.
  • The dialog will tell you "The operation cannot be completed."  Scroll down to "Eclipse Platform" and uncheck that.
  • Hit Next twice.  Accept the licenses.  Hit Finish.
  • After the update completes, restart Simplicity Studio.
  • You should see a dialog about the new GNU ARM 4.8 toolchain and new part support (this is the expected outcome of the original update). 
  • If you want the tools and support, say Yes, and update / restart again.  (You can install them later if needed.)