Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HP Photosmart 5520 printer Wi-Fi connection problem and fix

When you are using HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One printer it is possible that you are struggling with frequent disconnects in your LAN infrastructure. That was the situation with me too. I checked if printer receives statical IP address, if it has strong Wi-Fi signal. Reinstalled driver. Connected it by network name and also by IP. Nothing helped. During a day it several times lost connection and user was not able to print and to scan. After a while connection usually restored, but such unstable behavior was not acceptable. Then I tried one workaround.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Intel boosts JavaScript speed

Intel together with Firefox works on special API that accelerates JavaScript by using parallel computing power of modern processors. It could boost speed by 4 times or more. Interesting will this performance increase be available to other brands processor systems? Anyway parallel processing is very hot topic in these days and I believe we will soon hear more about speed improvements on personal computers and ordinary applications.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Asus x55a screen color distortion

Some laptops of this model can sometimes have interesting strange color defect. Colors is distorted, for example, white becomes pink, gray becomes green etc. Picture on external display or TV is good if you connect them. 
Pink screen. Picture from:

At the first sight you may think that color resolution has been switched to low resolution. Like 32bit color is changed to 16bit. After checking graphics adapter settings and maybe restarting you see that nothing of above are not helping, it is worth to check display cable connection. 
Red oval shows location of display cable. Picture screenshot from:

Access to display cable is very convenient in this model. Just remove the keyboard,you don't need to unscrew any screws for this. Just push back fixation clips at upper size of keyboard and pull keyboard towards you. In my situation display cable was not completely fixed into socket. You must push connector into socket till it stops and then fix it with good adhesive tape. Now your laptop is fine again. If not, than you should probably check cable's other end and cable them self.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Programming language rankings in year 2014

Organization IEEE has done very good job of gathering lot of data combining 12 metrics from 10 sources about popularity of different programming languages. They have taken data from git-hub and job advertisements etc. Rankings are weighted based on different viewpoints. You can take a look on these popularity charts from employee point of view or maybe from student perspective who wonders what programming language choose for more deeper investigation.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windows 7 instalēšana no cietā diska

Iedomājieties situāciju, ka Jums nepieciešams uzinstalēt Windows portatīvajā datorā, kurā BIOS ir aizslēgts ar paroli. Un paroli Jūs nezināt, jo, pieņemsim, esat to aizmirsuši vai dators ir nopirkts lietots un paroli neviens nezin. Uzstādījumos ir ieslēgts, ka dators startējais no cietā diska un pāslēgt to uz USB vai CD/DVD vai LAN iestartēšanos nav iespējams. Daļai datoru šo paroli var viegli nodzēst, bet gadās arī "smagāki" gadījumi, kad Jums var palīdzēt tikai ražotāja atbalsta dienests, BIOS čipa pārlodēšana/pārprogrammēšana vai mātesplates maiņa. Viens no piemēriem ar šādu nocietinātu BIOS ir HP Compaq 6530b. Ja negribas sarežģīti un dārgi ķēpāties un no BIOS Jums nekas vairāk vajadzīgs, kā tikai lai dators startējas, tad piedāvāju savu recepti, kā uzinstalēt Windows šādā datorā.