Monday, July 11, 2016

Office Professional 2003 installation

One day there was need to reinstall old home laptop. It is still working acceptable, and I also decided to put into it a new SSD drive. So why not reinstalling? But story is not about that actually. I have official Office 2003 version bought for that particular device. But unfortunately held into closet for 8 years CD-ROM was not able to start installation because of corrupted files. Visually there was no any indications that CD-ROM is bad but still it was not working on any of several computers.
Contacted Microsoft support. They politely told me that that version is not supported anymore. Actually it was not easy to find an official original installation ISO file. I spent a good amount of time. But luckily I ended at this site.
I downloaded needed ISO. Installed. Activated. So far works OK. Good.