Sunday, July 20, 2014

Asus x55a screen color distortion

Some laptops of this model can sometimes have interesting strange color defect. Colors is distorted, for example, white becomes pink, gray becomes green etc. Picture on external display or TV is good if you connect them. 
Pink screen. Picture from:

At the first sight you may think that color resolution has been switched to low resolution. Like 32bit color is changed to 16bit. After checking graphics adapter settings and maybe restarting you see that nothing of above are not helping, it is worth to check display cable connection. 
Red oval shows location of display cable. Picture screenshot from:

Access to display cable is very convenient in this model. Just remove the keyboard,you don't need to unscrew any screws for this. Just push back fixation clips at upper size of keyboard and pull keyboard towards you. In my situation display cable was not completely fixed into socket. You must push connector into socket till it stops and then fix it with good adhesive tape. Now your laptop is fine again. If not, than you should probably check cable's other end and cable them self.

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